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Large bottle and pair of tumblers

£55.00 - £60.00

A delightful gift set of two beautiful branded hi-ball tumblers and a large bottle from the award-winning York Gin range. The glasses are branded with the York Gin logo and a juniper branch design.


London Dry: A 'perfect’ gold-winning classic gin distilled in Yorkshire’s ancient capital.

Roman Fruit: ‘Mouthwatering’ full-strength gin inspired by York’s Roman heritage.

Old Tom: Michelin-starred Yorkshire gin with multiple international gold medals.

Outlaw: Smooth overproof gin inspired by York legends Guy Fawkes and Dick Turpin.

Grey Lady: A ‘masterpiece’ - inspired by one of York’s most famous ghosts.

Chocolate & Orange: Inspired by Terry’s of York, dark chocolate & zesty orange.

All our gins are vegan and gluten free
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