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Tasting collection of six York Gin minis

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Now: £30.00

Try all six gins from the York Gin range - in miniature. Each 5cl bottle is a double measure. The collection comes with tasting notes and serving suggestions.


The collection comes with detailed tasting notes and serving suggestions for each gin.

Each collection also comes with a code for a discount on our 70cl bottles. So you can get a bargain if you buy a large bottle of your favourite York Gin!

Your tasting pack includes 5cl miniatures of: London Dry, Old Tom, Outlaw Navy Strength, Roman Fruit, Grey Lady and Chocolate & Orange.

Product Overview

Tasting collection of 6 York Gin miniatures

  • Excellent quality: Some of the world's best gins
  • Tasting notes: So you can really get the most from the gins
  • Discount code: Get money off a large bottle of your favourite 
England Gin Distillery of the Year 2021, New York International Spirits Competition
All our gins are vegan and gluten free
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