The classic among Negroni recipes. Bitterness matched by sweetness and piney juniper a constant refrain.

Gin Negroni Ingredients

• 25ml York Gin London Dry
• 25ml Campari
• 25ml Sweet Vermouth

• Orange peel


• Add ice to a rocks glass - ideally a large cube
• Add the gin, then the Campari and the sweet red vermouth

• Stir very gently to allow the flavours and colours to blend and mix
• Garnish with orange peel and enjoy your classic Negroni cocktail!

York Gin London Dry

Looking for the best gin for a Negroni? Look no further. Nine botanicals used by English gin makers for over 300 years come together to form a complex and satisfying classic. The perfect balancing of flavours makes this a smooth, rounded, go-to gin that defies fashions and fads. 

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