Tom Collins

York Gin Old Tom Collins Cocktail

Tom Collins Cocktail: A refreshingly light classic.

Tom Collins Drink Recipe

• 25ml York Gin Old Tom
• Lemon juice
• Soda water
• Sugar syrup


Directions for the Tom Collins (Gin Collins)
• Build the drink over ice in a Tom Collins glass
• Add the gin, then the lemon juice followed by the sugar syrup and fill the glass with soda water 
• Stir then garnish with a slice of fresh lemon and perhaps a cherry.


Easier & Quicker Version of the Tom Collins cocktail recipe or Gin Collins cocktail:

Just add gin and a quality, not-too-sweet lemonade to your glass of ice and garnish.

We hope this answers the question: What is a Tom Collins drink? And you'll make one!

York Gin Old Tom

A very slightly sweetened dry gin, with Yorkshire Rose and herbs from the Michelin-starred Star Inn, Harome. Multiple gold medal winner including Best English Old Tom - World Gin Awards. The most vital of your Tom Collins cocktail recipe ingredients. Comes with a beautiful illustrated booklet, with history of the gin and perfect serves.

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