Gin Cocktails

Looking for easy gin cocktails? You're in the right place - explore our gin cocktail recipes.
From gin and tonic recipes through fruity gin cocktails and the gin fizz cocktail, there's something to satisfy every palate. 
These gin drinks, based on simple cocktail recipes, give you tips on the best mixers for gin, too.
And why not try our Easy Martinis?

Easy Martinis

Our new Easy Martinis take just seconds to make - and don't need any fancy cocktail equipment.


Rhubarb Martini

Lemon Curd Martini

Marmalade Martini

Classic Gin Cocktails

Rhubarb Hard Lemonade


Lemon Sour

Classic Gin and Tonic

Elderflower Gin and Tonic

Roman Gin Fizz


Espresso Martini

Chocolate Orange Snowball

York Gin Old Tom Collins Cocktail

Tom Collins

Gin Iced Tea

Gin Martini

Orange and Ginger Spritz

Strawberry and Basil Smash

York Gin & Tonics

When you serve a York Gin & Tonic, use large chunks of ice (they don't melt as quickly), premium tonic and your favourite garnish.
Here are some recommended serves:

London Dry: Fever-Tree Light. Garnish with a curl of lemon peel.
Outlaw Navy Strength: Fever-Tree Indian Tonic. Grapefruit garnish.
Old Tom: Fever-Tree Light. Star Anise garnish.
Chocolate & Orange: Fever-Tree Light. Fresh orange peel garnish.
Roman Fruit: Fever-Tree Mediterranean or Lemonade. Strawberries and/or raspberries garnish.

Here's a 30-second video showing you how to make the perfect G&T.

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