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Classic Gin and Tonic

Make the perfect gin and tonic. Simple, refreshing, delicious.

Gin and Tonic Recipe

• 25ml York Gin London Dry
• Premium light tonic
• Ice
• Lemon, lime, grapefruit or other garnish you love



• At least half-fill your glass with large ice cubes (they melt more slowly!)
• Pour the gin over the ice, then add your tonic to taste (don't drown it - you can always add more to taste)
• Add your garnish and enjoy your Gin Tonic cocktail

York Gin London Dry

The best gin for a gin and tonic, York Gin London Dry is all about the perfect balancing of flavours. It is a smooth, complex and rounded go-to gin that defies fashions and fads. Enjoy your perfect gin and tonic.

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