York Zero 70cl | Alcohol-Free Spirit

A botanical spirit that pairs beautifully with premium tonic to create a delightfully complex zero-alcohol alternative to a G&T - a Z&T

Classic juniper and coriander notes are complemented by fresh zesty orange. The layers of botanical flavours in York Zero are inspired by York Gin. So you can enjoy York Zero Classic Juniper & Orange in many cocktails that traditionally use gin.

York Zero - Gin alternative with zero alcohol
York Zero illustration with a Z&T - an alternative to a G&T
A long mocktail using York Zero a non-alcoholic spirit to use like gin
Vegan friendly and Gluten Free
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York Zero - Gin alternative with zero alcohol
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York Zero Tasting Notes

York Zero is a sophisticated botanical spirit designed as a zero-alcohol alternative to a classic G&T. Developed in collaboration with renowned Yorkshire craft producer Bax Botanics, York Zero features juniper and coriander notes, enhanced with orange.

Perfect Serves

Zero G&T: a Z&T

  • Ingredients: York Zero Classic Juniper & Orange, large ice cubes, premium tonic, lemon twist or slice.
  • Instructions: Add a measure of York Zero to a glass with large ice cubes. Top with premium tonic and garnish with a lemon twist or slice.

Non Collins:  An alcohol-free take on the Tom Collins.

  • Ingredients: York Zero Classic Juniper & Orange, ice, sugar syrup, lime or lemon juice, soda water, lemon, cocktail cherries.
  • Instructions: Half-fill a Collins glass with ice. Add a measure of York Zero, sugar syrup, and lime or lemon juice to taste. Top with soda water and stir. Garnish with lemon and cocktail cherries.

Bramble: A fruity twist on the classic Bramble cocktail.

  • Ingredients: York Zero, ice, quality raspberry syrup, soda water, fresh raspberries.
  • Instructions: Put ice in a glass, add a good dash of raspberry syrup, then a measure of York Zero. Top with soda water and garnish with fresh raspberries.

Other Cocktails to Try

  • Lemon Curd ‘Martini’
  • Nojito: Replace your Mojito spirit with York Zero

Details about York Zero

Production: Made in a traditional copper still in Yorkshire in collaboration with zero-alcohol spirit specialists, the gold award-winning Bax Botanics. Using a recipe to mirror York Gin’s award-winning spirits.

What's in it?

Water, Natural botanical distillates including juniper, coriander and orange, Acid: Citric acid, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate.

Nutritional Info:

Typical Values per 100ml

Energy: 5kj/1kca | Fat: 0g of which saturates: 0g | Carbohydrates: 0g of which Sugars: 0g |  Protein: 0g | Salt: 0g


Keep in a cool dry place. No need to refrigerate.

Made in England:

661b Chapel Wood, LS23 7FF.

York Zero Questions Answered

How is York Zero made?

York Zero is made in a copper still by heating filtered water to extract the flavours of natural ingredients known as botanicals. These include juniper, orange, coriander & peppercorns.

The expertise of Yorkshire non-alcohol spirits makers Bax Botanics ensures that even the most subtle flavours are captured - resulting in a complex and balanced alcohol-free spirit.

Do I need to keep York Zero in the fridge?

Once opened, York Zero does not need to be refrigerated, but you should keep it away from bright sunlight. See the back of your bottle for the expiry date.

Is York Zero a gin?

Gin is a spirit that must contain alcohol. So York Zero, a zero-alcohol drink, is not gin. But this York Zero’s signature botanical is juniper - which also gives gin its distinctive flavour. Its layers of botanical flavours are also inspired by York Gin. So you can enjoy York Zero Classic Juniper & Orange in many cocktails that traditionally use gin.

Is York Zero suitable for people with diabetes?

The simple answer is yes, as it contains no sugar. But the more complicated answer is that the mixer you add to York Zero may contain sugar. Many tonic waters do. Please read your mixer’s labels carefully and follow medical advice for your own individual circumstances.

No alcohol - but how many calories?

York Zero has no alcohol. And its calorie count is 1 per 100mls. This equates to just half a calorie per serving!

The calorific values in the ingredients are so small that they are below the guidelines for nutritional labelling. When all York Zero’s nutritional values are combined, they amount to 1 calorie per 100ml. Of course, when you add tonic or another mixer, you will need to take their calories into account.

Can I drink York Zero when pregnant?

Yes. York Zero is alcohol-free. What’s more, all the botanicals are organically certified and every batch is tested in the microbiology lab.

York Zero’s botanicals are free from any nutritional restrictions, but if you have any doubts, you should seek medical advice.

York Zero 70cl | Alcohol-Free Spirit


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