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York Gin Grey Lady 70cl


We've added hints of Earl Grey tea and extra citrus to our signature London Dry gin. Delicate pea flower creates its haunting blue-grey hue. ‘A masterpiece in subtlety’ - Sunday Telegraph. Comes with free UK delivery and tasting guide.

Vegan & Gluten Free


York is known as Europe’s most haunted city. It is said that legions of ghosts haunt the ancient city’s pubs, streets, hotels ... and theatres.
One of the most famous of these ghosts is the Grey Lady, said to haunt the dress circle of the York Theatre Royal, adjoining the city’s De Grey Rooms. York Gin Grey Lady is our homage to the Grey Lady - and all the city's ghosts.

Our London Dry gin is distilled with Earl Grey tea, extra lemon and orange. Then it is infused with blue pea flower, giving it a ghostly blue-grey hue. Delightfully subtle citrus complements the delicate shade of the gin.
Winner of Silver medals at the prestigious International Wine & Spirit Competition, New York International Spirits Competition and Spirits Business Gin Masters.

All our gins are made in our small York distillery powered by 100% renewable electricity.
The bottle, label and packaging are 100% plastic free and made sustainably in Yorkshire.
Comes with a free booklet of tasting notes, serves and York Gin info.
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'Grey Lady is a masterpiece in subtlety, with a very pale blue-grey hue, and soft, delicate notes of citrus from the bergamot found in Earl Grey tea. It’s great on the rocks.’ - Sunday Telegraph

‘Deliciously subtle containing a wonderful surprise - the bergamot is exactly right ... It is quite simply divine.’ - Yorkshire Times
Perfect serves
Ghostly G&T: York Gin Grey Lady, premium light tonic, lots of ice. Garnish: Orange peel

Grey Garden: 50ml York Gin Grey Lady, 25ml sugar syrup, 25ml Elderflower liqueur (elderflower cordial), 100ml cloudy apple juice, mint, ice.
Slap the mint with your palms to release the aromas and oils, and pop it in the cocktail shaker. Add gin, sugar syrup, elderflower liqueur into the shaker and top with ice. SHAKE! Fill your glass of choice with plenty of ice, and pour the cocktail mixer over the top. Garnish with mint leaves or a slice of citrus fruit.
Tasting notes
ABV: 42.5%
From the IWSC: 'Zingy citrus and fresh herbs with a little creaminess on the palate, and an increasingly influential mix of spices and roots.'

Botanicals: Juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root, cardamom, cinnamon bark, dried lemon peel, orris root, black pepper and grains of paradise, Earl Grey tea, dried orange, blue pea flower.
More about the Grey Lady
The Grey Lady is said to have been a nun in times gone by.
The story goes that she fell in love with a nobleman - thus breaking her strict vows of celibacy. Her punishment was to be left to die - bricked up in a room on the site on the current theatre.
Folklore states that if the Grey Lady is spotted in the run-up to a show, it will be a success.
Those who claim to have seen her say she seems very friendly - and are not frightened or threatened by their ghostly encounter.

Product Overview

York Gin Grey Lady 70cl

  • 'A masterpiece in subtlety' - Sunday Telegraph
  • With extra citrus from extra oranges and lemons and bergamot in Earl Grey tea
  • A subtle, haunting blue grey colour from blue pea flower
  • Gin made in our small York distillery powered by 100% renewable electricity
  • Bottles, labels and packaging all plastic free and made in Yorkshire
  • Free optional hand-written gift note - gift wrap and gift box options too

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England Gin Distillery of the Year 2021, New York International Spirits Competition
All our gins are vegan and gluten free
All our power is provided by Good Energy. 100% renewable energy.
Plastic Free bottles and packaging