Valentines Day gin: Say I love you with the best romantic gins around

Valentines Day gin: Say I love you with the best romantic gins around

“If gin be the drink of love, sip on.”

What could be more romantic than getting a bottle of something you really love? Especially if someone else has bought it for you. So here's a quick guide to making the most of a gin-filled Valentine's Day.

If you're in York make sure you get to the York Gin shops for some fabulous exclusive offers.

But if you're buying onlines, here are some reasons why we think you should choose York Gin.

Feel free to forward these details to whoever might be in the buying mood.

Six reasons why York Gin is the most romantic

1. We can write an anonymous love note to go with your order. And it’s free!
Just tell us what you'd like us to write - we can even draw cute little love hearts if that's what you want!

2. Our personalised engraved bottles are just love-ly. They’ll keep you in the good books for ages.
Tell us the message you want us to engrave and leave the rest to us. Find out more

3. 'In The Mood For Love' Gin Tastings: How about this for a romantic evening? A love-themed cocktail to start, lots of fun and fascinating info, tips on tasting gin and a tasting of all our range of six gins. Then a full G&T with your favourite gin at the end. And a self-care goody bag to take away at the end. Plus 10% off any gin you buy. At the York Gin Shop, Pavement (opposite the famous Shambles) - 6.30pm various dates throughout February.
Find out more and book a ticket

4. If you can't make one of the gin tastings - you can at least make the 'In The Mood For Love' cocktail we serve there. Here's how

Put some ice in your glass - a hi-ball, Copa or whatever glass you have to hand. Add:
- A double measure of York Gin Roman Fruit
- A single measure of lemon juice
- A measure of Creme de Mure
- A half measure of sugar syrup
- Top off with soda water and stir well
Garnish with blackberries, a lemon slice and a sprig of rosemary. 

5. All our gins are ideal in their own unique way for Valentine’s Day, as follows:

London Dry: Classic, centuries-old - symbolises a long-lasting relationship!

Roman Fruit: Correct red colour for romance.

Outlaw Navy Strength: Strong and smooth - just like your love affair. No disagreements ever. 

Grey Lady: For older romantics or those who have turned prematurely grey.

Old Tom: A bit sweet - like your loved one. Aww.

Chocolate & Orange: OMG - perfect with a box of chocolates!

6. Our gin jokes book has some very good Valentine-themed gags including these:

Joke 1
- I love you.
- Is that you or the gin talking.
- That’s me talking to the gin.

Joke 2
I love you slightly less than gin.

Joke 3
I want someone to look at me the same way I look at gin.

Order the book - it's only a fiver!

Read all the jokes online if you don't want the book 

Whatever you're up to - we hope you have a love-ly time. Here's a link to our online shop

24th Jan 2022 York Gin

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