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York Gin Chocolate & Orange


A beautifully balanced unsweetened dry gin with luxurious chocolate and zesty orange. Made in the city that invented the Terry’s Chocolate Orange. ‘Exquisite’ - Sunday Telegraph.


York Gin Chocolate & Orange is made in the city where the Terry's Chocolate Orange was invented and made for decades.

The finest cocoa nibs (dried, roasted and crushed cocoa beans) and fresh oranges combine perfectly with York Gin's classic combination of nine original botanicals.

The result is a beautifully balanced, unsweetened, dry gin with rich and luxurious chocolate and zesty orange notes.

Serve neat over ice, in a G&T with an orange garnish, or in a cocktail - the Sunday Telegraph says it's 'exquisite' in an Espresso Martini.


'This new release may be inspired by the Terry’s Chocolate Orange, which was made in York for many years, but it’s surprisingly subtle and deliciously dry, the chocolate and juicy orange notes just emerging on the finish. Clever stuff, and sensational in an espresso martini.’ - Sunday Telegraph

'Cocoa nibs and fresh oranges make up this one, and you're right – it will make a superb Espresso Martini.’ - Master of Malt

‘When you take your first sip, you pick up a rich chocolate flavour. Perfect. Then, a zesty orange taste slides over that. Whole oranges are added to the mix of botanicals, and that flows through nicely in the taste and the aroma. But, although this richness and zesty combo are there, it’s far from over-powering. Almost as if one taste calms the other one down, and vice-versa ... Delicious.’ - On: Yorkshire Magazine

Perfect serves

Espresso Martini

25ml York Gin Chocolate & Orange
15ml Tia Maria
10ml Cointreau
Shot of espresso

All shaken in a Boston shaker with ice (to cool the coffee). Strain into a Martini glass. Add a dusting of chocolate.

Gin & Tonic

York Gin Chocolate & Orange, quality light tonic (eg Fever-Tree Clementine), lots of ice. Garnish: Orange peel.

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