World Gin Day 2024: when is it and what happens

World Gin Day is a global celebration of gin, held each year on the second Saturday of June.

World Gin Day 2024 is on Saturday 8 June. 

The first event was held in 2009.

World Gin Day events happen in over 30 countries - with the details of events available on the World Gin Day website

The idea is to celebrate gin - in a G&T, in cocktails or neat. 

We've collected some easy-to-make gin cocktails - why not give them a try? They're truly delicious - and you don't need any fancy equipment to make them.

And make sure you post your pics on social media with these hashtags - #WorldGinDay and #WorldGinDay2023

Drink the best gin on World Gin Day

Stock up for the big day - take a look at our gin shop for a range of the best gins including Old Tom gin that has won a string of gold medals and much expert praise.

If you love flavoured gin, you're in luck too. Our Roman Fruit gin has been a favourite for over five years and the 2023 best-selling rhubarb gin is a real treat. 

More about World Gin Day

Emma Stokes, a drinks blogger and expert known as the Gin Monkey, is the person behind the day.

The World Gin Day website is updated regularly and so is its Facebook page. Gin Monkey’s Instagram and Twitter accounts are well worth a follow.

World Gin Day was actually started in Birmingham by someone called Neil Houston whose objective was to get his friends together to drink gin.

Emma and Neil were friends - and they moved the event to the Graphic gin bar in London’s Soho in 2010, with Emma’s friends joining in.

In 2013 Emma took over the running of World Gin Day - and has guided it to its present popularity, reaching over 200 million people on social media.

Other gin days to watch out for

National Gin and Tonic Day (US) - 9 April

International Gin and Tonic Day - 19 October

International Scottish Gin Day - 24 October

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8th Jun 2023 York Gin

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