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York Gin Roman Fruit


A full-strength dry gin with no added sugar. Fruits and flowers from Ancient Rome including strawberries and hibiscus give it a deep imperial red hue. ‘Mouthwatering’ - Great Taste Awards.


A juniper-led, full-strength (42.5%) dry gin with no added sugar, infused with fruits and flowers associated with Ancient Rome - including strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples and hibiscus.

The infusion is a Yorkshire-made tea that sits in our London Dry gin for over two weeks to ensure it develops a rich red imperial hue and a complex flavour.

The Great Taste Awards 2019 described it as 'mouthwatering'. It has won several international awards including a bronze medal at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019.

It is one of the few gins with its own Latin motto:
‘Veni, vidi, bibi’- ‘I came, I saw, I drank.’


‘An example of a brand who have got it spot on and delivered it to stunning effect. This is a must have for any gin collection!’ - The Gin Shelf

'It might be deep red in colour but tastes like gin first and foremost. The infusion has added layers to the underlying gin and given it huge complexity, but the juniper is clear. It's dry as a bone too - making it a perfect to use with tonic.' - Olivier Ward, Editor, Spirits Beacon

'The aroma is fruity and floral with a sweet fruity taste to match. This is another contemporary gin that will please those who like their gin juniper-lite. I served it with a Mediterranean tonic, lemon zest twist and fresh raspberry.’ - For The Love of Gin

Perfect serves

Berry G&T: 50ml York Gin Roman Fruit, 100ml of light tonic, Mediterranean tonic or lemonade, ice. Garnish: Raspberries or small strawberries.

Roman Fruit punch-style fizz: 50ml York Gin Roman Fruit, 150ml Fever Tree Sicilian Lemonade. Over ice in a tall glass. Garnish: Dried Fruit or hibiscus.

Roman Fizz cocktail: 25ml York Gin Roman Fruit. Prosecco or Champagne, raspberries.
In a champagne flute, add the gin then the fizz followed by the fruit.
Tasting notes
ABV: 42.5%
Botanicals: Juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root, cardamom, cinnamon bark, dried lemon peel, orris root, black pepper and grains of paradise, dried fruit tea infusion: hibiscus, apple, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries.
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