The York Gin Distillery - A Truly Yorkshire Gin Distillery

The York Gin Distillery is where we make all our award-winning gins.
We call it York's first legal gin distillery.
(It's pretty certain that illegal distilling of gin went on in the 18th Century 'Gin Craze' but no records remain of a single gin distillery in the city.)
As well as distilling our whole range in this Yorkshire gin distillery, we bottle, label and pack all our gins ready for distribution. With such a world-class range of gins to its credit, this is a gin distillery Yorkshire can be proud of.

Distillation at York Gin traditional distilling technique vapour infusion diagram

How we make our gins in our York distillery

Our Yorkshire gin distilery uses the vapour-infusion technique of gin making - this ensures consistency of flavour batch after batch after batch.
Our beautiful copper still is called Eboracum, named after the Roman name for York.
Botanicals which flavour the gins are held in a basket in the still.
The pure alcohol is heated to become a vapour which takes on the flavours of the botanicals.
The vapour is then cooled back to liqud and is then diluted with pure Yorkshire water to make gin. Clever and very effective!


The gin distillery is powered by 100% green electricity from sea, wind and solar energy.
We also have an incredibly efficient method of creating the gins which has cut our power use hugely in the last year or so.
Our bottles are made in Leeds - only 20 miles away. And we recently significantly reduced the amount of glass they contain - and therefore their weight.
All of this adds up to a serious reduction in the carbon footprint of our Yorkshire gin distillery.
All our bottles and products are plastic free. And none of our waste ends up in landfill.
At our York distillery, we use a specialist company called Forge Recycling who recycle literally everything - converting some of the waste into energy.
We really are a sustainable gin distillery Yorkshire can take pride in.

Meet the Distillery Team

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