How to choose the best gin for you: taste, quality, price, design

The choice of gins today is huge. No wonder drinkers are confused and find it difficult to choose. This guide is designed to help you make sense of the market - and to simplify your decision-making process.Even average supermarkets and pubs have 50+ types of gin to choose from. And they’re usually only from the big distillers. Include small distilleries like York Gin and there are literally thousands of gins to choose from, especially when you consider the different types of gin. London Dry, Old …
6th Dec 2020 York Gin

​How to make a gin and tonic - the perfect G and T made simple

This is how to mix a delicious G&T. It’s easy, simple, quick - and tastes great. Follow these steps for a gin and tonic that hits the spot - you don’t need to be a fancy bartender to make a world class gin and tonic.What you need: Excellent quality ginLight premium tonicA couple of large ice cubes (not crushed)Lemon peel A hi-ball or Copa (balloon) glassCocktail stirrer (or spoon)Instructions: Make sure the glass is not warm and put lots of ice in it. Pour in a double gin.Do not drown the …
4th Aug 2020 York Gin

Gin and tonic advice during the coronavirus crisis

Here’s the advice you need to follow to keep enjoying your gin and tonics through the coronavirus crisis.Coronavirus gin and tonic basicsWash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Make sure you rinse your hands thoroughly because a soapy G&T is not a good G&T.And - if you’re wearing a mask - remember to take it off while you're drinking your G&T.Ingredients A very good quality gin, such as any of the York Gin range. To keep up morale, you don’t want a poor quality …
16th Mar 2020 York Gin

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