​Is gin bad for your liver?

​Is gin bad for your liver?

There is a short answer to the question: 'Is gin bad for your liver?' 'Yes it can be.' As with any alcohol, you should drink gin in moderation.There are definitely serious dangers associated with excessive alcohol consumption.Follow the guidelinesThe World Health Organisation (WHO) advises people: to keep to strict daily limits (a maximum of two units for women and three for men)not to drink more than four units at any one time and to give yourself at least one day off the booze each week …
1st Jul 2021 York Gin
​Is it OK to drink gin every day?

​Is it OK to drink gin every day?

There is a simple answer to the question - is it OK to drink gin every day?No, it’s not recommended to drink alcohol every day!WHO and NHS guidelinesThe World Health Organisation (WHO) and NHS recommend that all drinkers have at least one day ‘dry’ day each week.The daily maximum recommended allowances are as follows:Female: 2 units per day; 14 per week.Male: 3 units per day; 14 per week.And no-one should have more than four units at one sitting.A unit is a single small spirit measure or half a …
10th Mar 2021 York Gin

What is the best glass for a gin and tonic: the Copa balloon or hi ball?

There’s a debate about the best glass to use for your G&T. Especially since the rise, rise and rise of the Copa de Balon (Ballon) glass – an import from the Basque country and the Spanish obsession with the G&T.The hi-ball is still a popular option too - and with good reason. Let's see if we can get to the bottom of the controversy!The Copa (balloon) glassThe Copa’s supporters say that the shape of the glass – large at the bottom and smaller at the top - concentrates the odours of the gi …
22nd Jan 2021 York Gin

The best garnish for a gin and tonic – perfect G&T garnishes

Find out what a garnish is, how to match them with your favourite gins - and which weird and wonderful garnishes are out there, waiting to be tried!The garnish is the fruit, herb or even vegetable that’s added to your gin and tonic, serving one of two (or potentially three) purposes:To harmonise with the gin – accentuating a flavour that’s already in the ginTo balance the gin – by adding a flavour that’s not in the ginTo make your gin and tonic look amazing and beautifulIt’s important for you to …
18th Dec 2020 York Gin

How to taste gin like a pro – gin tasting tips

In the York Gin shop, we encourage customers to really taste the gins we give them to sample. We must be doing something right - we're officially the best shop in York!And you can use the advice we give in the shop to get the most out of your gin drinking. You can also use these principles if you want to run your own gin-tasting session.Be warned – if you follow these steps, gin drinking will never be the same!The four steps1 Open the bottle and use your noseA large proportion of your experience …
15th Dec 2020 York Gin

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