​Is gin bad for your liver?

There is a short answer to the question: 'Is gin bad for your liver?' 'Yes it can be.' 

As with any alcohol, you should drink gin in moderation.

There are definitely serious dangers associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

Follow the guidelines

The World Health Organisation (WHO) advises people:

  • to keep to strict daily limits (a maximum of two units for women and three for men)
  • not to drink more than four units at any one time and
  • to give yourself at least one day off the booze each week.

'Don't drink more - drink better'

As a responsible drinks manufacturer, we believe that enjoying alcohol in moderation is consistent with a healthy lifestyle. And as a manufacturer of top quality spirits our message is ‘Don’t drink more - drink better.’

We take a lot of time on our website and social media to educate people on how to enjoy quality spirits. We have a four-point guide telling people how to drink like a pro, so you can really appreciate the flavours in your drink.

We also give advice on making cocktails, and using quality mixers. And we make a point of never glamorising our products or claiming non-existent health benefits.

Drinking in moderation, choosing the best quality you can afford and really appreciating each mouthful are key to enjoying gin and all other alcohol.

Drinking to excess is definitely not the way to go!

1st Jul 2021 York Gin

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