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Mad Alice Bloody Orange Gin 70cl


Our limited edition, individually numbered Bloody Orange gin. This scarily smooth blood orange gin is inspired by York’s top tour guide Mad Alice and her iconic Bloody Tour of York, Europe’s most haunted city.

Mad Alice's Bloody Orange Gin by York Gin - front of bottle, paper seal
Mad Alice's Bloody Orange Gin
Blood Orange Martini - with a head on the stick
Mad Alice Cocktail
Creating Bloody Orange Gin at York Gin Distillery
Mad Alice at Mad Alice Lane
Mad Alice holding a bottle on Shambles, York
Green energy and plastic free
Vegan-friendly and gluten-free
Bottles & packaging made in Yorkshire
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Mad Alice's Bloody Orange Gin

A gin we have wanted to make for some time - scarily delicious and complex.

About Mad Alice's Bloody Orange Gin

  • Bursting with fresh blood oranges and classic oranges and with a subtle syrup to finish, this is a beautifully balanced and deliciously smooth citrus gin. 
  • A mix of classic botancials ensure complexity and depth that have become synonymous with York Gin.
  • Made in collaboration with Mad Alice - the iconic guide on the multiple award-winning Bloody Tour of York.
  • Comes with a beautifully designed pamphlet detailing popular stories from the Bloody Tour as well as perfect serves.
  • Limited edition red bottle with striking label.
  • Fewer than 2,000 bottles overall will be made. Once they have been sold, there will be no more of this delicious gin.
  • Each bottle is individually numbered.
  • The perfect gift for a loved one or a present to yourself. 


Gin & Tonic: With a premium light tonic, plenty of ice and an orange wheel garnish.

Orange and Ginger: 50ml Mad Alice’s Bloody Orange Gin, Fever-Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale. Garnish with an orange wheel.

York Spritz: In a tall glass, add some cubed ice. Then add 50ml Mad Alice’s Bloody Orange Gin, 75ml fresh grapefruit juice, 15ml fresh lemon juice. Top with soda and a dash of Grenadine.

Old York: (Our take on a whisky Old-Fashioned): Add some cubed ice to a rocks glass. Then 50ml Mad Alice's Bloody Orange Gin, 10ml tonic syrup infused with fresh thyme and 5ml lemon juice. Stir.

Mad Alice Martini: 50ml Mad Alice's Bloody Orange Gin, 15ml red vermouth or Pont Mes. (Add a dash of liquor from candied cherry jar to make it dirty.) Garnish: Cherry / Head on a stick!

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Mad Alice Lane (now named Lund's Court) is named after a legendary figure Alice Smith. Several legends surround Alice from the early 1800s. Legend has it that she was locked up in the women’s prison at the Castle either for insanity or for poisoining her husband.

Both legends don't end well for Alice - she is hanged in both. But it appears that no records survive of Alice Smith of York at the start of the 19th Century.

Maybe she just disappeared into thin air. Did she exist at all? Just one more of York's many mysteries.


For the past 10 years, 'Mad Alice' has been entertaining, educating and horrifying visitors to York with her unique Bloody Tour.

Starting near York Minster and ending at Clifford's Tower and the city gaol where hangings were commonplace, 'Alice' takes visitors on a 90-minute blood-curdling walking tour of the city's most notorious sites. Find out more about Alice and the Bloody Tour of York.

Mad Alice Bloody Orange Gin 70cl


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