Halloween cocktails - spooky cocktail treats

Halloween cocktails are the adult equivalent of Trick or Treat. All these spooky cocktails are a real Treat. 
We’ve made these with our new limited edition Halloween gin - Mad Alice’s Bloody Orange Gin. It’s getting rave reviews and the bottles are selling fast.  You can buy a bottle here.

York Spritz (Spirits..!)

50ml Mad Alice’s Bloody Orange gin 
75ml fresh grapefruit juice or Grenadine (for a blood red cocktail) 
15ml fresh lemon juice 
Topped with soda 
Garnish - orange peel or orange wheel

To serve: For this Halloween cocktail, fill a tumbler with cubed ice, add the gin, juices and syrup, stir. Top up with soda and garnish with orange.

Old York (Our take on a whisky Old-Fashioned) 

50ml Mad Alice’s Bloody Orange gin 
10ml sugar syrup infused with fresh thyme 
5ml lemon juice
Garnish: sprig of thyme

To serve: Pop a large piece of cubed ice in a tumbler, add the gin, syrup and juice. Stir very gently. Garnish with a sprig of thyme.

Note to make thyme sugar syrup: To infuse your syrup, put fresh thyme in a bought syrup for a few days, then strain. Or homemade syrup - bring equal parts water and sugar to the boil, with thyme. Allow to cool. Strain.

Mad Alice’s Martini 

50ml Mad Alice’s Bloody Orange gin 
10ml Red Vermouth  / Pont Mes 
Include 10ml cherry juice to make it ‘dirty’
Optional: grenadine
Garnish: Cocktail cherry - aka ‘Head on a stick’

To serve: Shake the gin, cherry juice, vermouth over ice in a shaker (or a jam jar!) and strain into a Martini glass. Garnish with a cocktail cherry on a stick. 

Flourish: for a 'bloody' base, after pouring in your gin mix, gently pour in a cap-full of grenadine for a truly bloody Halloween cocktail.

Other drinks to try with Mad Alice’s Bloody Orange gin: 

G&T - with a light tonic 
Simple serve - with ginger ale 
Or try the gin neat over ice - it’s scarily smooth!

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15th Oct 2023 York Gin

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