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Triple Mini Gift Set: Classic Gold


A triple miniature gift set of York Gin's classics - London Dry, Old Tom and Outlaw Navy Strength. They have all won gold medals at the world’s most prestigious spirits competitions.


All three gins are classics - and all three have won top international gold medals.

London Dry: is nearly 200 years old.

Old Tom: dates back to the 18th century.

Navy Strength: has early 19th century origins.

So we can safely say the York Gin Classic Gold Collection is 'History in the Tasting' at its absolute best.

Product Overview

York Gin Classic Gold miniatures

  • London Dry: Gold, New York International Spirits Competition
  • Outlaw: Double Gold, San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • Old Tom: Many gold medals - most recently Best English Old Tom, World Gin Awards 2021
England Gin Distillery of the Year 2021, New York International Spirits Competition
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