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What is the difference between gin and gin liqueur?

What is the difference between gin and gin liqueur?

The major difference between gin liqueurs and gin is that gin liqueurs have more sugar and a lower alcohol content than proper gin.

While gin must have a minimum 37.5% ABV (alcohol by volume), gin liqueurs are usually closer to 20%.

Gin liqueurs tend to be cheaper than full-strength gin (because there is less alcohol duty for the maker to pay).

As with full-strength gin, there is a huge range of flavours - lots of fruit flavours and even ‘Unicorn Tears’!

There is a debate about whether some of these drinks should be allowed to use the word ‘gin’ - when that description implies a predominant flavour of juniper.

In fact, some drinks that describe themselves as 'gin' don't have any discernible juniper. There's quite a lot of controversy about this!

Many traditional gin makers have moved into this area - including Edinburgh Gin, Warner’s and famously the M&S Christmas Snow Globe gin liqueur.

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