Is gin vodka? Is gin made from vodka?

Is gin vodka? Is gin made from vodka?

Gin isn't vodka - because it must have a particular taste (juniper) to be classified as gin. Vodka is defined as being a spirit without a definite aroma or taste.Gin is made from a neutral spirit that is then distilled with juniper berries (and usually other botanicals) which give gin its particular flavour profile. Vodka is also made from neutral spirit but (apart from flavoured vodkas) nothing is added to change its flavour profile.So while they can start from the same neutral spirit, gin take …
5th Sep 2021 York Gin
How to make gin - a quick guide on how gin is made

How to make gin - a quick guide on how gin is made

In simple terms, gin is made by distilling a neutral spirit with juniper berries and usually other botanicals (herbs, spices, fruit, etc). It must taste predominantly of juniper.The vast majority of gin makers do not make their own neutral spirit themselves - although a very few do.After distillation (when the flavours of the juniper and other botanicals have flavoured the base spirit), water is added to reduce the alcohol strength to the required level (by law, it must be at least 37.5%)The gin …
7th May 2021 York Gin

What is the difference between gin and gin liqueur?

The major difference between gin liqueurs and gin is that gin liqueurs have more sugar and a lower alcohol content than proper gin.While gin must have a minimum 37.5% ABV (alcohol by volume), gin liqueurs are usually closer to 20%.Gin liqueurs tend to be cheaper than full-strength gin (because there is less alcohol duty for the maker to pay).As with full-strength gin, there is a huge range of flavours - lots of fruit flavours and even ‘Unicorn Tears’!There is a debate about whether some of these …
29th Jan 2021 York Gin

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