Why is gin so popular?

We can think of three main reasons for gin’s popularity - taste, versatility and the sheer variety of gins.


Gin is a really fabulous drink that reaches the parts other white spirits just cannot reach.

The juniper that defines gin has a complex flavour profile - dry, herby with a delicate freshness. Once other botanicals like lemon peel, coriander and pepper are added, you have a delightful drink that dances on your tongue.

Once you've become a gin lover, there really is no going back!


You can mix it in many different ways depending on your own tastes.

When served properly with plenty of ice and a premium tonic, the classic Gin & Tonic is hard to beat!

And gin cocktails including the Martini are sophisticated, fun and delightful.


As long as juniper is the predominant flavour and its alcohol strength is at least 37.5% the manufacturer can call it ‘gin’.

Beyond this basic requirement, distillers can do everything in their powers to delight drinkers. And they do!

Jaffa Cake Gin anyone? Maybe a Parma Violet gin? Or Seaweed or even Lemon Drizzle gin?

We’ve made a Chocolate & Orange gin as a homage to the Terry’s Chocolate Orange that was invented and made in York.

In short, gin is a fun, wonderful and delicious spirit.

Take a look at its incredible history and have a look at some of the amazing cocktails you can make with it

14th Jul 2021 York Gin

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