Is gin gluten free

Is gin gluten free?

Yes - classic gin that hasn't had any extra ingredients added after distillation is gluten-free. The Coeliac Disease Foundation says distilled alcohol contains no gluten peptides. Tonic water is gluten-free too. So a classic G&T is safe!

Although gin is usually made with neutral grain spirit, the process of distillation removes gluten.

It's worth noting that some flavoured gins and pre-mixed gin cocktails may have gluten due to additions of ingredients after distillation.

As always, it's best to read the label or contact the producer if you have any worries.

All of the York Gin range is gluten free.

Try these gluten-free gins

Gluten-free gins: Classic craft gins in the range are:

York Gin London Dry 700ml

York GIn Old Tom 700ml

York Gin Outlaw Navy Strength

London Dry gin

Old Tom gin

Navy gin

Gluten-free gins: Flavoured gins in the range include:

York Gin Rhubarb 700ml

Rhubarb GinRoman Fruit ginChocolate & Orange gin

Gluten-free gin gifts

Miniature gins

Gin and tonic taster sets

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