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Case of 20 York Gin 5cl miniatures


Save at least £20 when you buy a case of 20 miniature (5cl) bottles of York Gin. Perfect for weddings and other special occasions.


Each miniature contains 5cl (a standard double measure). York Gin Outlaw is more expensive because of the higher alcohol content.

You can choose either:

A mixed case of five York Gins (you'll get four of each), or

A case of 20 minis - all the same flavour gin

So you get 20 minis for £100 - saving £20 on the normal website price. Or with York Gin Outlaw, you get the case for £110 rather than £120 - saving you £10.
Plus free delivery.

Product Overview

Case of 20 York Gin miniatures

  • Great value: Save on website price
  • Choice: Choose your flavour or a mixed case of five different 42.5% gins 
  • Perfect for: Wedding favours, Secret Santa, etc
England Gin Distillery of the Year 2021, New York International Spirits Competition
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