York Gin Six Month Gift Subscription


The York Gin gift that keeps giving. A different delicious bottle of award-winning York Gin delivered every month for six months. Each bottle comes with extra treats, tasting notes and serving suggestions. One-off payment, no recurring bills.

Vegan & Gluten Free
York Gin Six Month Gift Subscription
Trick and Peach cocktail for October subscription box
Vegan friendly and gluten free
Green energy and plastic free
Bottles and packaging Made in Yorkshire
Free delivery
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About the York Gin Six Month Subscription

  • A diffferent flavour of York Gin delivered each month for six months
  • Each large 70cl bottle comes in a box with lovely extra gifts each month, plus serving suggestions and tasting notes
  • It really is the gift that keeps giving and giving ... the perfect gin gift
  • One-off payment - no recurring bills
  • Save even more if you want the same six gins delivered at once. 15% reduction applied automatically.
  • All our gins are made in our small York distillery powered by 100% renewable electricity
  • All our bottles, labels and packaging are plastic free and made in Yorkshire
  • We can hand-write your gift message

Put a smile on a gin lover's face - with a new bottle of gin delivered to their door every month for six months. The perfect gin gift that keeps on giving.

Each subscription comes with a welcome miniature bottle of York Gin and gift card - including your own personal message. And the six large bottles delivered monthly are accompanied by extra treats, tasting notes and serving suggestions to make sure your recipient gets the most from their present.

The subscription ends after six months - there's just the one-off payment, and there are no recurring bills.

Our gins regularly win gold medals at the world's top spirits competitions. They are made in our sustainable York distillery that runs on 100% green energy. Our bottles, labels and packaging and are all plastic free and are made locally in Yorkshire. The grain spirit that forms the base of all our gins is made in Yorkshire from grain grown on Yorkshire farms.

How it works

We send out our subscription boxes (large bottle of gin and extra treats) on or around the 15th of each month.

If you buy the subscription within a week of that date, we will include an extra miniature bottle and a introductory gift card with this first package. 

If you order a week or more before this date, we will send your recipient a gift card and a miniature bottle to welcome them to their subscription.

This means they will have a treat from us (and their welcome card) within days of you buying the gift.

We will then send each subsequent gift box on or around the 14th of each month until the sixth bottle has been sent.

The subscription page - - contains helpful hints and tips to get the most from the subscription. This is updated each month to coincide with that month's gin.

Even bigger savings for six bottles delivered at once

If you or your recipient partitcularly love one of our gin flavours, you can make an even bigger saving by ordering a case of six bottles to arrive at once. The 15% saving is almost a free bottle and is applied automatically at checkout.

About the gins

The actual gins may change over time as we develop new flavours. And we may send miniature bottles of new flavours as the welcome gift. The bottles in the subscription will always include our three permanent classic gins - York Gin London Dry, York Gin Old Tom and York Gin Outlaw Navy Strength. Currently the six gins in the subscription are as follows:

York Gin London Dry
Nine botanicals used by English gin makers for over 300 years come together to form a complex and satisfying classic. York Gin London Dry is all about the perfect balancing of flavours - a smooth, rounded go-to gin that defies fashions and fads. York Gin London Dry is vapour infused in a traditional copper still to ensure absolute consistency of taste.

York Gin Roman Fruit
A juniper-led dry gin with no added sugar, infused with fruits and flowers associated with Ancient Rome - including strawberries, raspberries, apples and hibiscus. The infusion is a Yorkshire-made tea that sits in our London Dry for over two weeks to ensure a rich hue and complex flavour.

York Gin Outlaw Navy Strength
This 57% gin, pushes the boundaries, as did the city's villains, Guy Fawkes, Dick Turpin and Mary Bateman. Stronger flavours; higher alcohol - enjoy York Gin Outlaw with care, tonic & ice. The incredibly smooth finish to this over-proof gin led to it winning Best English Navy at the World Gin Awards 2021.

York Gin Old Tom
A Victorian-style dry gin, very slightly sweetened with a herb-infused sugar syrup made in the kitchen of the Michelin-starred Star Inn, Harome. A multiple gold-winning gin, including Best English Old Tom Gin at the World Gin Awards 2020 and 2021.

York Gin Rhubarb
Our newest addition - made with Yorkshire Rhubarb...

York Gin Chocolate & Orange
This gin is inspired by the Terry’s Chocolate Orange, invented in York in 1932 and made in the city until 2005. Using the finest dried cocoa beans and freshest oranges, this gin isn’t sweetened, but has rich chocolate notes - and zesty orange twist.

York Gin Six Month Gift Subscription


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