You only need to look at the label on one of our bottles to know we at the York Gin Company love cats. But we've thought it's time to give something back to the city's cats by choosing Cats Protection in York as one of our official charities.

York Gin is sponsoring the cost of looking after a cat at the centre in York and will try and raise awareness of the good work and help to find the most needy cats homes.

Although the adoption centre can give cats in its care all the love and cuddles for free, it does cost the Cats Protection in York up to £150 by the time each cat has left the centre. York Gin has already stepped in to provide this much needed funding for a cat - and hopes to do more soon.

James Hodgkison, Adoption Centre Manager, said: “We’re really grateful for the help and support York Gin is going to provide to the adoption centre. We help to home hundreds of unwanted cats every year and with our running costs including food, litter and vets bills totalling over £40,000, so this is a massive support.”

We know lots of people have bought York Gin because of Rutterkin the York Gin cat who’s a big part of our brand. It’s time for us to give something back - and to get the city’s real cats a helping hand (or paw).

The cat is also really prominent in York - with lots of cat statues on the city’s buildings. And the cat is associated with the history of gin, a type of gin is even named Old Tom.

We are is also planning to help raise awareness of cats who need a little more help to find a home by using their popular Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts each month to publicise each particularly needy cat.

Cats like Maia who’s only four years old but has mild epilepsy which sadly does put people off adopting her. This lovely lady has been with the adoption centre since January and is longing for a home to call her own. The medication for Maia is only 65p a day – much less than a cup of coffee! We hope through this awareness someone will offer Maia her much needed home.

Find out more about York Cats protection and how to become a sponsor

Cats Protection York on Facebook

10th Jul 2018 York Gin

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