Bah humbug - Gin shop in Christmas city bans modern festive hits

A gin shop in one of Britain’s most Christmassy cities has banned modern Christmas songs.

The York Gin shop has banned Mariah Carey, Wizzard, Slade, Wham! and even Cliff Richard, Shaky and The Wombles.

Bosses say they’re doing it to help staff morale and customer satisfaction - and because modern songs sound weird in their 16th Century Tudor building.

York was voted the UK's Most Festive City in 2017.

York Gin Co-Director Emma Godivala said: “We do love Christmas, but we want our gin shop to be a cheese-free zone.

“We’ve tested lots of songs to see which sound okay and which sound weird. And there’s a cut-off in the 1960s. Anything after that has been banned.

“Our lovely team are happy with the decision - they say lots of other shop staff are already going stir crazy with the same Christmas hits being played on a loop.

“That said, if Mariah appeared in the shop, we might just overturn the ban for a while and play All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

The York Gin shop has over 200 songs on its playlist including all the classic Christmas carols, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald - and music from Christmas ballets like The Nutcracker.

Shop manager Sandie Tanner-Smith said: “We’re confident we’ll have the happiest staff and customers around - our playlist is big enough to make sure no-one hears the same Christmas song more than twice in a week. Offering free samples of our award-winning gins always makes for happy customers too!”

York Gin shop in the National press

Well that escalated quickly! York Mix & York Press covered the York Gin shop story on Friday 8th November 2019 - and it was quickly followed in the Guardian, Metro, Yorkshire Post, Mail Online, Daily Star & Irish national papers. Some great publicity for our beautiful city of York in the festive season!

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12th Nov 2019 York Gin

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