We're now selling face coverings modelled on the 18th century highwayman Dick Turpin - who was executed in York.

The black microfibre bandanas fit over the nose and mouth - just like Dick Turpin’s did as he tried to disguise himself while he robbed stagecoaches and stole horses.

Turpin was hanged on the city’s Knavesmire field in 1739.

The face covers have the word ‘Outlaw’ along with the York Gin logo on them. They can also be used as scarfs, headbands and wrist bands.

York Gin Outlaw is our Navy Strength gin, inspired by York's historic baddies, including Guy Fawkes, Turpin, and ‘Yorkshire Witch’, Mary Bateman.

York Gin co-founder Emma Godivala said: ‘It looks like face covers are here for the foreseeable future, so we wanted to make some that looked great - and have a bit of fun.

‘The obvious one was to get a design based on one of York’s famous baddies, Dick Turpin - who no doubt would have enjoyed a tot of gin too.

‘We’re giving £1 for each sale of our Outlaw bandanas to two local charities we support – St Leonard’s Hospice and York Cats Protection. We don't think Dick Turpin would have approved of that!’

The bandanas cost £15 each from the York Gin shop in the centre of the city, or online at

About the bandanas

The polyester microfibre York Gin Outlaw bandana is made by the Wuffler company in the Peak District whose profits help maintain the national park. As well as a face covering, it can be used as a scarf, a headband, Alice band, wrist band, etc.

Although fully washable, breathable, hygroscopic and with anti-microbial properties, it shouldn’t be confused with medical grade protective equipment.

20th Jul 2020 York Gin

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