York Gin coins new gin pun after failed shop heist

York Gin coins new gin pun after failed shop heist

Following the recent botched break-in at the York Gin shop, we have coined a new gin pun - gincompetent.

Here are the details.

Gincompetent, n.

Inability to do something correctly with particular reference to gin.

Eg A gincompetent burglar broke into the York Gin shop, ignored prominent signs warning that no gin was kept in the shop - and stole three display bottles of water distilled with vinegar.
See Also Gineptitude

This follows the news that a man damaged two windows of our Tudor 450-year-old shop on the night of Tuesday 23 January to steal what he thought were bottles of York Gin. 

This is despite obvious warning signs in the window informing passers-by that the bottles contain no gin. In fact, they contain water and vinegar.

The police have released a video showing the crime taking place.

York Gin shop manager Jenny O’Hara said:

“This is the first time our shop has been targeted in five years. And hopefully any would-be thieves will stop and take two seconds to read the signs in the future.

“We can only imagine the disappointment of anyone who tasted the vinegar water from the stolen bottles. They’d be expecting some of the world’s best gin - quite a shock!”

Broken glass though sign is clear

The story has been picked up by the local, regional and national press - with the Daily Mail even running a story about it.

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25th Jan 2024 York Gin

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