York Gin Chocolate and Orange launches in time for Christmas

This was our statement when we launched York Gin Chocolate & Orange

(It's still part of the York Gin range.  Buy a bottle here)

We've launched a new Chocolate & Orange gin in time for Christmas in our home city where the original Terry's Chocolate Orange was invented.

The full-strength chocolate and orange gin is made in the York Gin distillery - only two miles from where the Terry’s Chocolate Orange was made.

The Chocolate Orange was invented and manufactured in York’s Terry’s chocolate factory from 1932 until 2005.

York is famous for its chocolate-making history - and Rowntrees still make a billion Kit-Kats each year in the city.

We use cocoa beans and fresh oranges in this homage to the chocolate orange.

The cocoa nibs (dried, roasted and crushed cocoa beans) are sourced from the York Chocolate Story - a tourist attraction and chocolatier in the city.

The Terry’s Chocolate Factory in York closed in 2005 when production of the Chocolate Orange moved to Poland. Today, all the world’s Chocolate Oranges are made by the Carambar company in France.

All four of the company’s founders live within 10 minutes walk of the old Terry’s factory. The factory, overlooking York Racecourse, was recently converted into luxury flats.

‘History in the tasting'

York Gin’s motto is ‘History in the Tasting’. Master distiller and co-founder Harry Cooke said: ‘We take inspiration from our ancient city’s incredible past.

‘Our range already includes gins inspired by the Romans, Guy Fawkes and the city’s ghosts (York is Europe’s most haunted city). We’re delighted to have created a gin that pays homage to a major part of the city’s chocolate traditions.’

Harry added: ‘We’ve had to alter our distilling technique for this gin. For the orange flavour, we add whole oranges into the mix of botanicals. The alcohol is heated up and the vapour is infused by all these botanicals. But we add the cocoa nibs into the alcohol itself in a technique called maceration. This brings out the chocolate flavour much more successfully than putting the nibs in the basket along with the other botanicals.

‘The result is rich and luxurious chocolate with distinct but more subtle zesty orange notes. These combine with the perfect blend of nine original botanicals that win our gins gold medals in international competitions.’



Use a premium tonic (try Fever-Tree Clementine), large ice cubes and garnish with a slice of fresh orange or some cocoa nibs.


York Gin Chocolate & Orange Negroni

25ml York Gin Chocolate & Orange
25ml Campari
25ml Red Vermouth
Soda water (optional to taste)

Pour the three ingredients into a tumbler full of ice.
Top up with soda to make a longer drink.
Garnish with burnt orange twist.

York Gin Chocolate Orange & Espresso Martini

25ml York Gin Chocolate & Orange
15ml Tia Maria
10ml Cointreau
Shot of espresso

All shaken in a Boston shaker with ice (to cool the coffee)
Strain into a Martini glass
Add a dusting of chocolate

York Gin Chocolate & Orange Snowball

25ml York Gin Chocolate & Orange
35ml Advocaat

Serve over ice topped with soda. Garnish with crumbled chocolate.

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1st Nov 2020 York Gin

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