The hunt for luxury gin gift sets UK wide and the best gin gift sets the UK has to offer

The hunt for luxury gin gift sets UK wide and the best gin gift sets the UK has to offer

Discover Luxury Gin Gift Sets at York Gin

The hunt for glorious Gin is over.

If you are searching for the best luxury gin gift sets in the UK, you’re in the right place.

York Gin offers a range of luxury gin gift sets – from classic flavours to wild and wonderful taste adventures, we have curated a selection of Gin sets which will blow you out of the water. 

Miniature Gin Gift Sets

We offer a range of miniature gift sets, including the best gin and tonic gift to complete your perfect drink.

If Gin & Tonic isn’t your drink of choice, the Martini gift sets would make the perfect present for a spy-film connoisseur or liquor lover alike.

Exploring gin for the first time or getting deeper into your love affair; the York Gin gin and tonic gift set is truly one of the finest luxury gin gift sets

The set includes six different miniature bottles covering the whole permanent York Gin range along with 12 cans of matching Fever-Tree mixers, six garnishes, as well as tasting notes and tasting tips.

York Gin Discovery Box Luxury Gift Set

If you’re looking for a luxury gin gift set that contains only miniature gins, we have three options:

  • The Tasting Collection of all six permanent gins in the York Gins range - three classic gins (London Dry gin, Old Tom gin, and Navy Strength gin) and three flavored gins (Roman Fruit gin, Rhubarb gin, and Chocolate & Orange gin).
  • The other luxury gin gift sets contain either the classic three gins (Classic Gold collection) or the flavored gins (Taste of York).

All have Yorkshire-made, elegant, plastic-free packaging making them some of the best gin gifts UK wide.

Top Gin Gift Sets 

And we have a choice of ‘Easy Martini’ luxury gin gift sets too.

Both have the ingredients for delicious and easy-to-prepare Martini cocktails. Both are presented in a delightful York Gin branded jute bag - with a large bottle of York Gin and a delicious preserve from the award-winning Bessie’s Yorkshire Preservers. The Easy Rhubarb Martini has a bottle of York Gin Rhubarb and a jar of Bessie’s York Gin Rhubarb and Raspberry jam.

Easy Martini from York Gin

The Marmalade Martini has a bottle of York Gin London Dry and a jar of Bessie’s York Gin and Pink Grapefruit marmalade.

A measure of gin, a teaspoon of preserve added to ice in a shaker - and you have the easiest and most delicious Martini imaginable.

1st Dec 2023 York Gin

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