​What is the main ingredient in gin?

​What is the main ingredient in gin?

The main ingredients in gin are the base alcohol and juniper. Other optional 'botanicals' (herbs, spices, fruit, etc) are almost always added.To be described as a ‘gin’, the drink must have a strength of at least 37.5% ABV (alcohol by volume) and it must taste predominantly of juniper (from juniper berries). Water is also used to dilute the spirit to the required strength.Beyond these ingredients, gin makers have a huge choice of botanicals they can add to the mandatory juniper berries.York …
7th Jul 2021 York Gin

What makes up gin?

For a drink to be described as ‘gin’, it needs alcohol and a certain predominant taste. In terms of alcohol strength, it needs to be at least 37.5% ABV - alcohol by volume. And the predominant taste needs to be juniper.The alcohol comes form neutral spirit and the juniper taste comes from juniper berries. Water is used to dilute the alcohol to the required strength.Once these minimum requirements are met, a gin maker is free to do lots of interesting things with this spirit.Gin makers use all ki …
1st May 2019 York Gin

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