How many calories in a gin and tonic

Calories in a Gin and Tonic

The average calories in gin and tonic is around 97.

However, several factors can affect the question: how many calories in a gin?

  1. Amount: Single or double gin? Quantity of tonic?
  2. Strength: Higher alcohol content in gin results in more calories.
  3. Mixer: Regular tonic versus low or zero-calorie options.

Some tips to consider:

  • We've struggled to find good zero-calorie tonics due to issues with artificial sweeteners. Diet tonics may be an option.
  • For fewer calories, try gin and soda water instead of tonic. Soda water has no calories.
  • Choose tonics like Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light with lower sugar content.

Drink responsibly: Excessive alcohol consumption can have negative health effects.

Measure your spirits for more accurate knowledge about calories. York Gin

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