What is Ginuary - a celebration of gin in January with January New Year Gin Sales, Gin Offers and Gin Bargains

What is Ginuary - a celebration of gin in January with January New Year Gin Sales, Gin Offers and Gin Bargains

What is Ginuary? And does it involve New Year Gin sales and gin bargains?

Ginuary is a celebration of gin during the month of January. And it has its own hashtag - #ginuary.

Ginuary 2023 is the opposite of Dry January or Dryanuary. Rather than a campaign for people to stop drinking, Ginuary - or Dry Ginuary - provides reasons to drink gin. (In moderation.)

It is also a good excuse to write about gin, to post gin photos on social media, and to try some gins you haven't tried before. Or to finish some of your leftover Christmas gin. And, of course, to look for gin sales, gin bargains, gin offers ...

Ginuary Sales

There are lots of websites offering great deals in their January Gin Sales. The York Gin site has a great offer for the start of 2023 - a FREE mystery York Gin miniature bottle with every online order. Just add the discount code MINI at checkout. New Year - New Gin! Offer ends 7 January 2023.

Kickstart your Ginuary

To celebrate Ginuary 2022, why not make some gin cocktails, chat to other gin lovers, and try some new gin brands - we hear York Gin have some great gins if you haven't tried them yet!

Ginuary could help you and other gin lovers navigate the rough month of January. Before you know it, we'll nearly have made it to spring!

York Gin co-founder Emma Godivala said: “A lot of us find it difficult to get going early in the new year after the excesses over Christmas. Ginuary is a way to try to keep spirits up.

“Of course, it is another gin-based pun - joining ‘ginspiration’, ‘ginterval, ‘let the gin be-gin’, etc. But it’s also about reminding people that gin is a wonderful thing in this world. And what better time to enjoy it than the long, dark month straight after Christmas?”

To help make Ginuary as much fun as possible, we’ve gathered some of our favourite gin-related blogs below.

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We hope you have a great Ginuary!

30th Dec 2021 York Gin

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