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York Gin frequently asked questions

Taste & Ingredients

What does York Gin taste like?

The original London Dry is smooth, rounded and classic. It’s so smooth you can drink it neat.

The main flavours are juniper, citrus, herbal and spice. Our other gins have their own particular tastes - some are obvious (Chocolate & Orange), some less so - Grey Lady (citrus). SEE SHOP FOR TASTING NOTES

What are York Gin’s ingredients?

Our signature London Dry and York Gin Outlaw contain the following botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Cinnamon, Orris root, Angelica, Cardamom, Black pepper, Lemon peel and Grains of paradise. Our other gins have other botanicals added to these key ones.


Serving York Gin

What's the best way to serve a York Gin & tonic?

Use a good quality glass. We suggest a Copa (balloon) glass - this allows the aromas a greater opportunity to emerge and you can fit more ice cubes - these keep your G&T chilled for longer. And the more ice you have, the slower it melts. So don’t worry about the risk of diluting your drink.


Which cocktails do you recommend to make with York Gin?

Given our motto is ‘History in the tasting’ we recommend some historic cocktails that have stood the test of time. Martini, Gimlet. Negroni, Tom Collins, Martinez. SERVING YORK GIN

Reviews & Awards

What do experts think of York Gin?

We haven't seen a bad review yet! Here's a flavour:

Susy Atkins, The Daily Telegraph drinks columnist:
'Absolutely love York Gin‘s Old Tom. A slightly sweeter style with a richer texture, an Old Tom is a winter sipping gin in my book, and this one is a beaut.'

Spirits Foundry
'One of the most delicious Old Toms we’ve had the good fortune to try.'


Has York Gin won any awards?

Yes! Here's a selection:

World Gin Awards, Best English Old Tom, Best English Navy

New York International Spirits Competition: York Gin London Dry (Gold), York Gin Old Tom (Gold)
World Gin Awards: York Gin Old Tom (Best English Old Tom)

International Wine & Spirit Competition: York Gin Old Tom (Gold Outstanding)
San Francisco World Spirits Competition: York Gin Outlaw (Double Gold)
Spirits Business Gin Masters: York Gin Old Tom (Gold)

Facts & Figures

How strong is York Gin?

York Gin’s spirits have an ABV of 42.5%, except for the over-proof York Gin Outlaw Navy strength which is a much stronger 57%ABV.

Is York Gin gluten free and/or vegan?

All our gins are gluten-free and vegan.

Responsibility & Sustainability

What are your environmental credentials?

  • We use only green energy at both our distillery and our shop
  • All our bottles and packaging are 100% plastic free
  • We make our local deliveries in emission-free electric vehicles
  • We buy local wherever possible: eg our neutral grain spirit and new bottles are made in Yorkshire
  • We re-use and recycle everything we possibly can
  • We encourage customers to re-use their old bottles

What are you doing to warn people of the dangers of drinking?

We ensure that we do not in any way, shape or form glorify excessive drinking of alcohol.

All our gins are ultra-premium in quality - and our consistent message is to choose quality over quantity - we frequently use our mantra:'Don't drink more - drink better' .

The price points of our gins ensure that they are out of reach of the demographic most likely to abuse spirits.

People & Brand

Who runs the York Gin Company?

We have four directors in the UK, plus eight full-time staff and a team of part-time staff in the York Gin shop

Find out more about our story and people

What does the logo mean and what font do you use?

York Gin celebrates the city’s long history and association with cats on its label - with a hand-drawn picture of the walls and a black cat. The iconic font is a revival of 17th Century ‘Fell Fonts’ - widely used in print at the time of the 18th Century Gin Craze.

Find out more about our brand and people

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England Gin Distillery of the Year 2021, New York International Spirits Competition
All our gins are vegan and gluten free
All our power is provided by Good Energy. 100% renewable energy.
Plastic Free bottles and packaging